Olive oil in cooking

The high temperatures of food cooking and frying cause auto-oxidation processes of fatty substances that are faster when the presence of antioxidant substances in the fat is minor.

It has been proved that animal fats and seed oils undergo a rapid auto-oxidation process: thanks to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant substances olive oil acts in a very stable manner over against the atmospheric oxygen attack.

It has a “critical” temperature of 210-220 °C and this allows to all kind of cooking; its precise cooking time is about 5-7 °C and this simplifies digestibility.

It is the most advisable fat for frying: it supports very well high temperatures reaching 170-180 °C without deteriorating itself contrary to oils and butter. Its melting point is of 5-7 °C and this enables an easy digestibility.


Credits: Ideapositivo

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