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Mira company binds itself to adopt the tools as a whole with the purpose to safeguard both the quality of the olive oil and consumers’ health . In particular the traceability of the production cycle system are rules and behaviour as a whole that let the consumers trace the origin of products and their production cycle. It is a control system that guarantees the greatest transparence during the processing of the olives, their transformation,their bottling and marketing.

The base of traceability of the production cycle certification is the concept of warranty and food safety.

Producer undersigns the production cycle agreement guaranteing his product and subjecting himself to the inspection of the certification authority that in this phase could help him giving reliability to the system with its independence and impartiality.

The definition of the operational modalities and of the level of reliability, essential requirement of every certification process, represent the advisor for the maker and the guarantee for the consumer. Certifying the traceability of the production cycle is therefore an answer to the consumer’s needs in terms of transparency and assumption of responsibility in the age of globalization and international trade.

Mira’s aim through the traceability of the production cycle is:

  • Making sure of the top quality and safety throughout the entire production cycle, from the agricultural phase of field to that of transformation/packaging.
  • Strengthening the intercourses of partnership among the subjects of the production cycle (farms, olive presses and packagers) increasing the effectiveness of the production cycle organization.
  • Guaranteeing the identification of the all actors of the production cycle that have contributed to make batches of bulk or packed product.
  • Permitting a punctual identification of the awarded batches and oil quantities.

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