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Enrico Derflingher Chef , great freelancer and promoter of healthy in table , as shown by the diligence that for years give in the diffusion of the principles of a healthy diet, without neglecting any means: television programs, books, events, magazine.

At the age of 27 he became personal chef of  the English house , the only Italian to have never played this role, interrupting a long French tradition, and stand out  to a brilliant career. Degree at the Bellagio hospitality training institute , the study, and experience in stellar local  to refine the technique, and consolidate its personal  philosophy. In 1191 he is chef at the White House with George W. Bush senior, and he was named among the top ten chefs in the world in the “Five Star Dimond Award as One of World’s Best Chef”.


It follows the opening of “Terrace” of Eden in Rome, that he leads  for nine years, winning Michelin stars, and several other awards, before moving to management the prestigious Palace Hotel in St. Moritz. In Japan with his group he opens and manages more than 30 Italian restaurants , including the Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo. In 2008 he was awarded as the “Best chef in the world”, in 2009 at the Merano Wine Festival was elected Ambassador of Italian Cuisine in the World.


Credits: Ideapositivo

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